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Connect Camps

Summit Connect Camps cover the entire Crossroads curriculum (DET Stage 6 requirements for PDHPE). These camps are designed to help students develop life skills in a real community environment. Our caring staff support students as they think through issues of identity, sex, success and failure in a Christian context.


  • 1:10 staff to student ratio
  • Summit staff run the entire camp program, even meal times and evening sessions
  • Pre-camp admin support to lessen teachers’ organisational load
  • Interactive Bible talks and discussion groups to assist students in exploring the big questions of life and faith
  • Learning life-long skills in a real community environment, combining theory and practice
  • An exciting range of activities, safely supervised by our experienced staff
  • Follow these links for a list of activities at our Galston Gorge and Lake Mac campsites

Curriculum-Based Programs

Connect Camps include the following sessions, designed to meet the requirements of the Crossroads curriculum:

  • Relationship vs. Isolation – the value and place of relationships and community in meeting personal needs
  • Identity vs. Identical – knowing who you are even if it means knowing you’re different from others
  • Diversity vs. Division – being different doesn’t mean you have to be divided
  • Team success vs. Individual Failure – working in a team can bring success where individuals experience failure
  • Communication vs. Conflict – communicating at the right time and place can be a relationship saver, even when it’s difficult
  • Pleasure vs. Pain – understanding the impact of drugs enables us to avoid unhealthy experiences and to help others
  • Present vs. Future – making choices for short term pleasure or long term benefit, presented within a Christian context
  • Intimacy vs. Obsession – defining caring and respectful relationships and learning skills to invest in them


  • Costs vary depending on location and activity selection


  • Summit has exclusive access to Crusaders’ campsites at Galston Gorge and Lake Mac
  • Alternatively, we can run your Summit camp from a location of your choice that suits your aims and budget

Contact Us for further information on booking a Connect Camp

View or download a full information page for Connect Camps

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View a Sample Camp program for a Connect Camp at Lake Macquarie