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Attitude of Gratitude

Do you have an ‘attitude of gratitude’?

This week the Schools Ministry team spent 3 days at the Barnabas Conference at Shore School in Sydney, with 60 other school chaplains and Christian studies teachers. It was a brilliant time of learning and fellowship! During the conference, Paul Dale spoke to us from the book of Philippians and one thing that particularly struck me was his focus on having an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

I’ve always loved reading of how Paul begins most of his letters thanking God for Jesus and for the people who he writes to and has shared the gospel with. But this time it was his attitude that really grabbed me, Paul literally loves to thank God for the people in his life, especially for those he is partnering with to share the gospel. I think in our Aussie culture it’s easier to use our words to break down than build up, and sometimes it’s just awkward telling people that we are thankful for them! But Paul’s attitude of gratitude helps us to be counter-cultural and his words of thankfulness should spur us on to be MORE thankful for the people we are partnering with the share the gospel!

Here are a few ways (via Paul Dale) to encourage an attitude of gratitude in your team…

  • Praise God for your team!  Thank God for each member on your team and for the gifts God has given them!
  • Have a deep affection for your team! Pray for each other gospel centred prayers and thank God for his work in and through you.
  • Express your gratitude! Encourage each other with words of gratitude, acknowledging and thanking God for the fruit in your ministry and for the evidence of His grace in each other’s lives.

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One Response to Attitude of Gratitude

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    Corinne Watts said 6 years ago

    Love the title – its catchy and its something that will hopefully stick in my head when i am feeling frustrated with people for not meeting my expectations… i need to be thankful for them and what they add to my life…

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