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Kids grow in Christ – first CRU Study Camp in WA!

By Gary Hill
September 14, 2015

Praise God for the launch CRU’s first ever Study Camp in Western Australia with 36 campers attending the camp in July. Gary Hill, Crusaders’ Executive Director, visited the camp and reported, “The WA Camp was fantastic! Great community, and the Gospel being proclaimed faithfully with happy campers resulted in some great conversations!”

One camper, Ben, said, “This is so different to anything else I’ve been on! I’m getting so much work done!” Leader, Kirsty Currin, shared, “Leaders’ training has been extensive and very helpful! I want to show it to my church and recommend we do it a similar way.” Another leader, Lucy Raffel, remarked, “I’m convinced that there is so much value in ministry to school students.”

Boys and girls from 16 schools attended the camp, which was held at a Christian Venues site located about an hour north of Perth. Already one new school group has been started as a result of the camp.

CRUWest Campers

Campers on First Ever CRU Study Camp in WA

God grows our camps!

Praise God for our biggest camp season ever on Winter CRU Camps! God worked through friends like you to impact more young people for Christ than ever before.

A total of 152 campers were reached through Winter Day Camps, which is a 100% growth since last year. And 1,406 campers were impacted through Winter CRU Camps – a 39% growth!

With such growth going on, we value your prayers!

  • Pray for kids coming on Spring and Summer Camps to encounter Jesus like never before. Pray that God will prepare their hearts to hear the Gospel. Camps include eight Study Camps, Mac Time, CRU Plunge, Sail Mania, Game Zone, Survivor, Dirtbike, Beach Blitz and more. Pray also for camp leaders to be faithful and caring witnesses.

Your prayers and gifts are vital to keep CRU Camps growing so even more kids can grow closer to Jesus at the upcoming Spring and Summer Camps. Thanks for helping to make it all happen!


One Response to Kids grow in Christ – first CRU Study Camp in WA!

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    Jen George said 2 years ago

    Yr 12 Study Camps are a new idea in WA. The team involved in running the first CruWest study camp deserve a huge thanks for an awesome effort with overwhelmingly positive results . My daughter and her friends from St Stephens School in Perth loved this camp and we hope that this is the beginning of a big future for CruWest.

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