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Crusaders’ Community

By Elizabeth White
May 24, 2012

com·mu·ni·ty: “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

I recently reflected on what the community of Crusaders enabled following a sermon I listened to on Friendship by Nicky Gumble (Holy Trinity Brompton). He spoke (in part) on how service and shared goals can bring life changing friendships, friendships which are essential to our lives and that span differing demographics. He encouraged those listening to actively seek situations to serve due to the friendships which they bring. He suggested that churches shouldn’t be friendly, but rather places where people can make friends.

How vital this message is in our current society where people often interact more through text messages and on-line instead of in person or over the phone. How vital it is to actually connect with people and create meaningful, service orientated friendships, friendships which can’t be cemented by one-dimensional interactions. How important it is that we create situations where community and fellowship can blossom.

When I look at the community of Crusaders, I am heartened by the connections which people feel with each other. I’m encouraged by the friendships which are formed through active service. I’m ecstatic that Crusaders’ events (like the upcoming Girls Night Out) have a broad range of ages represented. I often hear of the friendships which were formed 30 years ago at a Crusaders’ camp and love knowing that these friendships are still meaningful, and opportunities to serve still abound.

It’s also encouraging to hear of events like the recent Arden CRU Group camp held Galston. The reason this camp came into existence was because of growth within the group and a desire to connect more, rather than an incentive to get more kids to join! How amazing it is to think that Crusaders supported these students by encouraging them to connect at school and by providing a venue for them to bond further while camping.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Here are a few quotes from recent camps which back up my blog!

I came here feeling nervous with no friends, but I’ve made the best friends I’ve ever made.” – Stephen, Game Zone

“I first heard about Crusaders in 1998 when applying for an Ian-Holt Memorial Fellowship position. Even after all these years I’m still constantly surprised by the extended Crusader family and connections which I come across. I’m so thankful for this community.” David – Summit Fellowship Graduate

This is a great camp to start off another year of your life. You have the opportunity to think about your life and make lifelong friends” – Bianca, Brightwaters

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